2017 Bursaries

2017 Bursaries

Richmond Hospital/Healthcare Auxiliary Awards Bursaries

Each year, the Richmond Hospital Healthcare Auxiliary awards bursaries to post-secondary students who have volunteered a significant amount of time at the Richmond Hospital and who are entering the second or subsequent year of their post-secondary education in a health-care related field in Canada. Bursaries are awarded during the summer in amounts of $3,000, $2,000 & $1,000. All applicants must apply and have resided in British Columbia for a minimum of three years. Previous winners are not eligible to apply.

See more at: http://bchealthcareaux.org/youth-volunteers/

For the 2017 academic year, the three people chosen to receive bursaries presented by the Richmond Hospital/Healthcare Auxiliary were:

Fay Quin Hui Li – Fay was a physician in China before moving to Canada two years ago. She is now entering her second year of Nursing and volunteers at the Minoru Residence in the Occupational Therapy Group.

Mia Lainchbury – Mia just finished her second year in Food Nutrition and Health at UBC and is applying for the Dietitics program for next year. She has volunteered at Richmond Hospital for several years in a variety of areas and is currently at the Navigator’s Desk and with the Nutrition Department.

Leo Yefet – Leo is going into his fourth year of Pharmacology at UBC with a goal of entering into medicine testing and designing drugs. He also volunteers at the Richmond Hospital in the Cancer Care Clinic and in the Emergency Department.

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