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We have some exciting news! The Richmond Hospital/Healthcare Auxiliary, has been chosen to participate in a National Trust for Canada THIS PLACE MATTERS crowdfunding competition that will bring communities, partners and young people together to renew and improve the vitality of their historic places.  The competition invited groups across Canada to identify local projects and compete for cash prizes and votes, while raising funds for their historic places. The Richmond Hospital/Health Care Auxiliary is excited that they have been chosen to participate in the competition to renovate and restore its Thrift Shop in Steveston. The competition launches on June 15 and ends on July 17, 2017.

The Auxiliary recently purchased the heritage building on Chatham Street, where the Thrift Shop has been located for the past nine years, which was formerly a Methodist Church, built in 1894.  The Thrift Shop exists to provide support for the comfort and care of patients through the purchase of medical equipment at Richmond Hospital and other community healthcare needs.  It is 100% volunteer run.

Too often we witness the sad and sometimes inevitable loss of our connection to the past when time and few resources claim a community’s heritage.  This building is a well recognized historic landmark in the Steveston Village that continues to stand distinct and proud and the Auxiliary wants to restore it, as much as possible, while continuing to operate it as a Thrift Shop. To do this, major renovations amounting to over $500,000 to the building are required, but first we need a firm foundation. We can only do this with assistance from the public since all the money raised from Thrift Shop sales will continue to go to the Richmond Hospital to meet our commitment to a healthier Richmond community.  WE THINK ITS WORTH IT.

Press. PST and ends on July 17 at 9:00 a.m. PST.  There are two components to the competition:  Voting and Crowdfunding.

For the Voting component the number of votes we receive between June 15-July 17 will determine our eligibility for a cash prize ranging from $10,000 to $60,000.  Anyone with an email address can vote for us every 24 hours.  The more votes we receive the better our chances of receiving a cash prize.

For the Crowdfunding component, voters can also donate to our project –if they choose (but are not required to) and that money also comes directly to us to help with our restoration.

Anyone with internet access and interest in our project can support us regardless of where they live by going to www.thisplacematters.ca and finding us on the project page under “A Firm Foundation – Richmond Hospital/Healthcare Auxiliary Thrift Shop Renovation.

“To help us promote our participation in this campaign, two videos have been produced for viewing on Youtube: “A Firm Foundation A Historical Perspective” and  “Renovating a Firm Foundation”.  We would  appreciate your help to bring our heritage to life by encouraging publicizing our story and encouraging everyone to vote daily from June 15 to July 17 at www.thisplacematters.ca  Every vote counts and every dollar donated to our project counts as one additional vote. The success of our restoration will mean that this 123-year-old building will remain standing as a reminder of the past and a recognition of the history of Steveston.

A HUGE “Thank you” from the Richmond Hospital Healthcare Auxiliary.

for more information, contact Maria De Olazaval at rhathriftstore@gmail.com

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