Richmond Hospital Auxiliary – The Ultimate Recycler

Thrift stores play a significant role in recycling in more ways than you think. Last year, the Richmond Hospital Auxiliary’s Thrift Shop received a Certificate in Diversion through its partnership with Urban Impact for Zero Waste Recycling Services. During 2015, the Thrift Shop was able to divert 5,201 kilograms of goods and saved 18.8 tons of carbon. We also helped to save 150.601 litres of water, 97 trees, and 23,302kwh of electricity. When we thought about it, there are many ways the Thrift Shop contributes to recycling. It all begins with the donations that the public bring to us and, in this way, the public is doing their part in helping the environment instead of disposing of their unwanted items in landfill.
The Thrift Shop, in turn, resells donated items, not only giving them a new life, but through their sales they are able to support healthcare initiatives in Richmond. For our customers, buying second-hand clothing and household items eliminates shipping emissions and packaging of new items that would normally go to landfill and it’s a thrifty way to cloth a family with a limited budget. In cases where the shop is unable to use certain donations, we do our best to recycle what we can by sorting plastics, metal, cardboard, etc. and selling it at a nominal price to recycling companies. We also divert from the landfill by donating un-saleable clothing to third world countries, since we pride ourselves in selling only goods which we consider to be “gently used” and of good quality.
Buying from the Thrift Shop follows the main principals of environmental friendliness – recycle and reuse to reduce the carbon footprint– and save money.

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